• Sue Warren

So Many Things to Be Thankful for

This year offered many unique experiences in everyone's lives. Here's to hoping a new tradition has been started. The Alouch family joined the Broome family in their Chester Grant home for a Thanksgiving Monday meal. On the menu was some baked salmon, salads, bread, baked potatoes, and cheesecake. Mohammad enjoyed the salmon so much he asked at dinner where the salmon had come from and how did you get it to taste so good. Once the main meal was complete it was desert time. There were a few options available but when Shannon's freshly baked cheesecake was offered up everyone in the Alouch family jumped at the opportunity to try cheese cake finally. Joud had been told by many people how good cheesecake was, so she said I am trying that. Her response, "it is strong/rich but good".

Well the Broome family got to learn something about Shahad that was new to them. Before the Alouch family came into the house upon arriving Shahad asked Dave if there were cats in the house. The response was yes two. Well there was no way that Shahad was coming into the house. Rayad urged her on and said he would walk her in but no way. It took pictures proving that the cats were locked away in the study before she agreed to come in. Something we will all need to work on.

While surveying the property, there were many questions about different aspects of the property (the well, composite barrels, etc.) Rayad saw the major damage to the Broome's family car from quite a big raccoon impact and he suggested some remedies on how to fix the damage. Rayad enjoyed a tour of Dave's work shed and there might just be some projects in the future with the boys in the shed. Amina also discussed with the Broome's possibilities for mutual gardens next spring.

It was a great feast with many laughs by all. There are already plans in the works for an evening campfire with some roasted marshmallows and smores.

Truly thankful to have had the opportunity for the families to come together to celebrate.

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