• Sue Warren

Bonny Lea Planters Ready this Wednesday!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

It is an exciting moment in our Starfish Reunites journey. Bonny Lea Farm has confirmed that their participants have almost finished their planters. As they hammer the final nails and sand the cedar down to a smooth and tactile finish, our 15 artist donors are mulling over the designs they will paint onto these beautiful handcrafts.

On Wednesday members of the Starfish Reunites team will distribute the planters and then we will all hold our collective breaths to see the final painted pieces on September 1st. Please make space in your calendars to log on to see these works of art and the other items that will be on offer. Open your hearts and chequebook to these wonderful people.

The auction will run online for 2 weeks culminating on September 18th at our Dinner to Reunite event being held at the Chester Yacht Club. We are excited to bring the community together to support these 2 great charitable causes, Bonny Lea Farm and Starfish Reunites, with dinner, drinks, live music and auction. Covid protocols will be enforced so only registered attendees will be allowed in. Payment will be made at the door.

Stay tuned fellow friends, more news coming your way!

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