• Sue Warren

Art Auction is Live!!!

We are so grateful to all of our artists who have donated their time and skills for the auction.

15 talented local artists have painted beautiful cedar planters hand-crafted by the participants at Bonny Lea Farm. The proceeds from these planters will be split between Bonny Lea Farm and Starfish Reunites, we are excited to be able to support two local charitable initiatives in this way.

The planters are currently on display at The Captain's House Gallery. It is fantastic to see the individual interpretation that has been manifested by the artists on the pieces. A few may be garden bound but most should be enjoyed in the house and could fulfil a variety of useful roles, receptacle for rolled up towels? Hats and mitts? Or put a piece of glass on top and you have a lovely side table?

While you are at The Captains House don't miss the wonderful display of porcelain dolls made by Joan Doherty (Sept.4-Oct.2). You can also get a sneak peak at some of the works that will be on display in Carol Hansen's "Tracery" exhibit (Oct.16-Nov.13).

Most of all please consider bidding on one (or many) of the pieces to support Bonny Lea Farm and Starfish Reunites. The auction closes at the Chowder Dinner September 18th at the Chester Yacht Club, tickets can be reserved on this site and paid for at the offices of Mary MacInnes, 54 Queen St. Chester.

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