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Amina's Market Inspiration

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

It was a beautiful day here in Chester, Nova Scotia and what does that mean? It's... market day!!

Set in the Old Railway location it reminds me of how fortunate we are to live in the little slice of heaven. I wandered around looking at bonsai trees for my garden, well maybe not I can kill virtually any plant I touch but wait the vendor promised me that the Jade plants would love my lack of attention! Maybe there is a bonsai tree in my future after all.

Laura had fresh quiche for my dinner, no not lobster that will bring me out in hives but the feta cheese with caramelised onions- now you're talking. That and a bagel so fresh it needed nothing on it at all. Arugula and fresh greens from the stall next to her and a deep discussion about courgettes and whether you could freeze zoodles successfully - who knows? Dinner is served but wait...

Darn, I spied Amina with all her delicious Syrian food, falafel, tabbouleh salad and Syrian olives. Groan now I have double dinner - what to do? What to do? Diet tomorrow I guess 🤷

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Amina's food and enjoy a taste of Syria here in Nova Scotia. Take it from me this slice of heaven has Amina's hummus and olives sitting right on top of it!

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