• Sue Warren

2012-2016 - Aleppo, Syria on Fire

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

The Battle of Aleppo raged between 2012-2016. The large-scale devastation of the battle and its importance led combatants to name it the "mother of battles"[91] or "Syria's Stalingrad".[92] The battle was marked by widespread violence against civilians,[93] repeated targeting of hospitals and schools (mostly by pro-government air forces[94][95] and to a lesser extent by the rebels),[96][97][98] and indiscriminate aerial strikes and shelling against civilian areas.[86][99][100][101] It was also marked by the inability of the international community to resolve the conflict peacefully. The UN special envoy to Syria proposed to end the battle by giving East Aleppo autonomy, but this was rejected by the Syrian government.[102] Hundreds of thousands of residents were displaced by the fighting and efforts to provide aid to civilians or facilitate evacuation were routinely disrupted by continued combat and mistrust between the opposing sides.[103][104] Accessed 13th July, 2021

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