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Wile, Noor and their children are now homeless and afraid following the recent earthquake.  Please consider donating now to help them.


Rayad Alouch - Syria -> Turkey -> Canada

Amina Alouch - Syria -> Turkey -> Canada

Mohammad Alouch - Syria -> Turkey -> Canada

Joud Alouch - Syria -> Turkey -> Canada

Shahad Alouch - Syria -> Turkey -> Canada

Soso Alouch - Syria -> Turkey -> Canada

Noor Alouch - Syria -> Turkey

Wile Alouch - Syria -> Turkey

Hiba Alouch (4) - Syria -> Turkey

Hala Alouch (2) Turkey

Our goal is to reunite

Starfish Reunites is a group of individuals who believe that community extends from the shores of Nova Scotia across the Globe.  We are using our voice and actions to step forward to help reunite the Alouch Family.  We welcome others to help us to help those whose lives have been torn apart by war and geography.

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LATEST NEWS about our journey

Starfish Reunites is working hard to bring Noor, her husband Wile and their two little girls, Hiba (4) and Hala (2) to join their family in Canada, to give them the opportunity to live in a country that welcomes them with open arms.

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